Free Events This Week for Pitt Undergraduates Only!


1. Namoli Brennet
2. Blood Simple
3. Newberry Consort

1. Artful Wednesdays Namoli Brennet

Join PITT ARTS for Artful Wednesdays! Namoli Brennet on September 24 from 12-1 PM at the William Pitt Union Lower Lounge> Free Lunch!

No need to sign up for this event – just bring a friend!

2.Blood Simple
Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Meeting time: 6:30 PM
Estimated end time: 9:20 PM

You can't stream this on Netflix or Hulu, so don't miss seeing “Blood Simple” on the big screen! Released in 1985, it was the Coen Brothers' first feature film. It has been described as a “Southern Gothic Film Noir.” Following the screening, Harry Kloman, a long-time film critic in the Pittsburgh area, will discuss how it fits the noir genre and how it deviates from it, the impressive body of work the Coens have produced in 30 years, and some of the cultural reactions to their work.

Enjoy sweets in the lobby after the film and the discussion.

3.Newberry Consort
Renaissance & Baroque
Saturday, September 27, 2014
Meeting time 6:15 PM
Estimated end time: 10:30 PM
Dinner at Joe Mama's

The Newberry Consort is the longest running and most successful early music ensemble in Chicago and they are so fine that they are in residence at Northwestern University. This music tells the story of Alfonso X—a twelfth-century King of Spain—who while ill, prayed to the Virgin Mary that he might survive. After making a full recovery, he commissioned songs recounting the Virgin’s miracles and singing her praises. Set to compelling melodies, the story comes to life with a multi-media production that includes a rear projection of lavish images.

Dinner at Joe Mama's before the concert.